Saudi Arabia’s giant waterpark to be built by end of 2024: construction firm CEO

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Fri, 2022-02-25 12:04

Saudi Arabia’s first water park will be built within the next two and a half years, the head of one of the firms responsible for its construction has revealed.

Qiddiya Investment Co. on Wednesday announced the award of a SR2.8 billion ($750 million) contract to build what will also be the region’s largest aqua theme park.

The Qiddiya Water Theme Park will be one of the key entertainment attractions at Qiddiya.

The agreement was signed between Qiddiya’s Managing Director Abdullah bin Nasser Aldawood, ALEC’s CEO Kez Taylor and El Seif’s CEO Ahmed Al-Bassam at a ceremony held at the Qiddiya Experience Center, followed by a ground-breaking ceremony to mark the start of construction.

Speaking to Arab News, Ashraf Alameria, CEO of El Seif Engineering Contracting, said the facility would cover 252,000 square meters of land and be home to 22 rides and attractions, construction would be finished within two and a half years.

Also speaking to Arab News on the sidelines of the signing ceremony, ALEC’s CEO spoke of his company’s experience in delivering these kinds of projects.

“We’ve been involved in the Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, which is also a fantastic water park with wave pools, a lot of rides, as well as we’ve been involved with the SeaWorld Abu Dhabi project,” he said.

The operations on the ground have already started on the paneling stage, he said, adding that this will be finished in two weeks before moving ahead into the next stage.

“This would be about three times the size of the one at the Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi,” Taylor added.

The water project comes as the second contract for ALEC in the Kingdom, following a project with Diriyah Gate Development Authority.

The Dubai-based company is in the process of recruiting Saudi employees in the area of marketing, planning, and technology, and “about 30 percent of our workforce will be Saudis moving into the future,” Taylor added.

Visitors will also be able to enjoy nine special zones — the Entry Gate, Camel Rock, Dub Grotto, Wave Wadi, the Den, Viper Canyon, Arabian Peak, the Herding Grounds and Surf Lagoon — inspired by the native animals that inhabit the area around Qiddiya. 

Commenting on the deal, Aldawood said: “The Qiddiya Water Theme Park will be a year-round immersive family entertainment destination. The park will offer our guests a chance to experience that in a welcoming and fun environment for everyone.”

Some rides have been designed to use 75 percent less water compared to the more conventional rides found in other water parks. In addition, rainwater that falls on the site will be captured, treated and reused for irrigating the destination.

The park will also integrate technologies to reduce water pressure in certain rides which will in turn reduce water evaporation by half. 

In addition, every pool in the complex will be based on a “run-out” concept so that at the end of a slide individuals will glide safely across a shallower pool that uses less water unlike traditional deeper pools used in other water parks.

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Qiddiya Water Theme Park

Qiddiya awards $750m contract to build Kingdom’s first, region’s largest water theme park

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