Egyptian trucking startup Trella to introduce new products in Saudi Arabia

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Thu, 2022-03-31 15:31

RIYADH: Trella, described by its CEO and co-founder Omar Hagrass as the Uber for trucks, is going to introduce a new tech-enabled financial product to support its customers in Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with Arab News during the sidelines of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Riyadh, Hagrass explained that the startup is currently focusing its expansion plans in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council region.

“We’re growing our business exponentially in the GCC. We don’t want to grow beyond that for now because we want to start rolling out other products that we’ve had in Egypt and Pakistan,” Hagrass said.

Trella first started its operations in Egypt and expanded to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the UAE, using a revenue model that Hagrass described as the same as Amazon.

“When you’re on Amazon, you go put a shirt online, you sell the shirt, Amazon gets a cut. In our case, fast moving goods companies and shipping lines put a load online and then the driver books the load, and we take a cut,” Hagrass elaborated.

The trucking industry has seen huge investments in the last couple of years; Trella alone received funding for over $50 million since it started operations back in 2019.

Trella is using the funding it raised to grow further in the GCC region. It has been working to advance its technology, grow its current operations, and it also plans to introduce more products.

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