Google removes 3 popular applications from its online store .. Beware of them

Google has removed 3 dangerous Android apps from its Play Store, as the company says that they run these apps to catastrophic results, while Mountain View is clearing its online market after finding that three of the apps have a bad “Joker” vulnerability installed. reputation.

You can find it in your accounts, or in connection with these applications both “Stylish Messages, Blood Pressure App, and Camera PDF Scanner”, they hide loss “Joker” programs on them, real Kaspersky search user researchers have been found.

The information appears online, explain that the material that appears in turn appears during the operation of the application in the operation of the application in the Play Store.

The three Android apps have since been removed from the Google Play Store. If you remove the programs, you will have to delete them from your phone.

Advise people on how to keep them safe, Kaspersky says that if its interpretation of the version that was saved from the information about whether the app is by a reputable entity or a known name.

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