Google Docs adds new features to its workspace service.. Know the details

Google’s hotel service introduced the single workspace, digital single, that uses print in 2021, and the tech giant has made it clear to the companies that run it, several people will have to sign up later.

And according to a report by 9to5Google, individual Workspace subscribers will now have access to eSignature support in Google Docs.

Availability of electronic signature support for Google Docs

To report for the report, Google’s support for electronic signature support in documents is “soon in beta for individual Google Workspace users.” Stream Pay $7.99 per month (from $9.99) until October 2022 Get that, too, Google, third-party support services that work with Docs.

In using a “dedicated e-signature solution”, the company explained, it may also work with Google Workspace where it works with multifunctional characters. The company advertised this page, web only.

The role of electronic signature support in Google Docs

Google explained that electronic signature support “a mode that will allow ready-made messages to be placed quickly from the familiar interface of a Docs editor without the need to switch tags or applications.” The report states that signature and date fields can be dragged and dropped into a text document. To report to report, will support, signature, as well as another post such as:

Signature request: Requesting a signature can easily “like share a file in Drive” resolve all comments and suggestions.

Add signatures: the signer can easily add their signature The document is ready to be signed and does not need to make any downloads for it. Email a completed PDF contract to both directions Add signature.

Monitor and track progress: fly in signature status, back, back, back, and continue.

Creating copies of contracts: Facilitating a workflow process, which must be regularly iterated by existing work, can also be modified as needed.

In addition, Google also reported that Gmail for Workspace individually and email templates can be sent to a group as well as send send to this service earlier in 2022. It made calls in Google, while Google Meet is now longer calls.

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