Saudi Arabia is an emerging destination for the games of the future, says Futurous CEO

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Wed, 2022-05-25 11:17


DUBAI: Esports technology platform provider Futurous sees Saudi Arabia as an emerging destination for competitive multiplayer video games that will spur modernization in the region, said its CEO, Philippe Blanchard.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Top CEO event held in Dubai, Blanchard told Arab News that he saw Kingdom’s Vision 2030 blueprint and its leadership as a springboard that will propel sports beyond physical activity or an economic driver in the region.

“The crown prince of Saudi Arabia understands that sports are much more than physical activity, economic development, or health factors; sports can serve as a vector for modernizing a nation without becoming too Westernized,” said Blanchard.

Blanchard, the former director of the International Olympic Association, met Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud in 2019 to understand the Kingdom’s vision for sports and has engaged with the government experts to harness the potential of esports and the like.

The company was initially slated to organize the first edition of “Games of the Future” in Russia in 2023. However, the tournament was called off due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.

The idea was to launch a technological platform designed to link live and virtual sports using its dedicated social network and online video service.

According to a company statement, “Games of the Future” was meant to showcase over 15 high-tech disciplines, including esports, drone racing, mobility, exoskeletons, augmented and virtual reality.

Blanchard’s main objective is to introduce these games in the region and possibly relocate the activities and infrastructure they created in Switzerland to the Kingdom.

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