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In the 2022 World Cup… How did Saudi folklore score remarkable goals?

After the end of the 2022 World Cup, Saudi folklore scored distinguished goals during that period similar to the goals of the World Cup players, as the squares of the Qatari capital and the Saudi House documented the establishment of these folk arts that fans from all over the world interacted with.

Fans of the participating teams were amazed when they saw the Saudi Arabian parade, which is the official parade of the country and one of its historical and heritage elements, as it was registered in 2015 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “UNESCO” on the World Heritage List.

Al-Ardah has been attended since the establishment of Saudi Arabia as a war dance that prepares the army, spreads the heat of strength within them, and practices it in times of wars and after victory. It arouses enthusiasm and excites courage and intensity, embodying moral strength. Among the most famous poems: “From me to you, O people of Auja, peace,” by the poet Muhammad al-Awni, along with the well-known poem by the poet Fahd bin Dahim: “Najd gloated for Abu Turki, and our sheikh took it..and her lovers became drunk after slapping her cheeks.”

Public attendance to watch the Saudi show

The popular arts that amazed the attendees included the “Al-Samiri” dance, which is popular in the Najd region, and is practiced by a group of people to revive the nights of their love, and stir their hearts and feelings in their fraternal life, and its components and parts harmonize. It is reported that his melodies reach 30 melodies, with the accompaniment of the tambourine and mirwas rhythms, and some of his applications differ from one region to another.

The impressive kinetic and vocal art, “Al-Rafihi”, came from northern Saudi Arabia, participating in the spherical wedding, and the practitioners translate through it their joys, forgetting the burdens of life, as it rises in two rows, clapping the palms, lowering the stature, then bending the knees and rising up quickly with the feet hitting the ground, and as the dancers get high, the space may witness Between the two rows, individual manifestations of the performers, and among the poems recited by him were: “Oh, the paper dove in your wing, you inscribed me… Slip your feet, do not burden them on the wretched soul.”

The Saudi folk arts were able to attract attention with their aesthetics, performances and amazing swaying, formed within the framework of an artistic painting expressing the originality of the Saudi society, its culture and its multiple arts.

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