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The Saudi “ministers” stress the necessity of reviving the peace process and stopping the Israeli aggressions

The Saudi Cabinet stressed the need to revive the peace process, and called on the international community to assume its responsibilities to end the occupation, stop Israeli attacks, and provide the necessary protection for civilians, during its session chaired by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, at Irqah Palace in Riyadh, today (Tuesday). In it, he discussed the latest developments in the region and the world, especially the developments in the situation in Palestine.

The Council renewed Saudi Arabia’s rejection and condemnation of the repeated burning of copies of the Holy Qur’an in a number of European capitals in recent times, stressing the importance of the governments of those countries addressing practices that provoke the feelings of millions of Muslims around the world.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman during the meeting

And he continued the work of coordination, preparation, and preparation for Saudi Arabia’s participation in the G20 meetings 2023, in light of its keenness to provide solutions and initiatives to address the challenges facing the global economy, including the joint framework initiative to deal with debts, and its role in launching the Financial Mediation Fund for Global Health Security and its support for it with an amount of $ 50 million. In addition to working with the Indonesian presidency of the G20 in 2022 to develop a response to the global food security crisis, and continuing work to complete the implementation of these initiatives under the Indian presidency.

In domestic affairs, the Cabinet praised the signing of agreements and memorandums of understanding at the “Riyadh International Summit on Medical Biotechnology 2023” and discussions that focused in their entirety on developments in the sector, and ways to invest in its opportunities and enhance its trends. In order to consolidate the country’s leading position in this field, and in line with “Vision 2030” aimed at diversifying the national economy based on research, scientific knowledge and research industries.

He noted what was included in the Municipal Investment Forum “Foras” in Riyadh; From launching the investment portal in Saudi cities, signing 125 contracts and agreements with a total value of more than 12 billion riyals, offering more than five thousand investment opportunities to the private sector, in addition to reviewing 200 projects for entrepreneurs, and announcing the launch of the largest investment opportunity of its kind in the outdoor advertising sector. .

The Council approved an agreement and a memorandum of cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan in the fields of energy and education, a memorandum of understanding in the field of water desalination between the Saudi Saline Water Conversion Corporation and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, and another between Saudi Arabia and Senegal in the field of encouraging direct investment. He authorized the Minister of Culture to discuss with the financial side regarding cooperation in the field, the Minister of Health to discuss with the Tunisian side in cooperation in the health fields, and the Minister of Information to discuss with the Indian side a draft memorandum of understanding in this field. He also authorized the President of the Islamic University of Madinah to negotiate with the Islamic Development Bank Group regarding a draft memorandum of understanding between the two sides.

And he approved naming the year 2023 the “Year of Arabic Poetry,” and amending Paragraph 12 of Article Eleven of the Chemicals Management System, to read: “Disposal of chemical waste by a specialized facility licensed by the National Center for Waste Management, provided that the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture ( the competent environmental center) before disposing of this waste according to what is determined by the regulations”, and amending the voluntary work system, and Article (2) of the private health institutions system, and the state continues to bear the entry visa fee for seasonal employment for the gift and sacrifice project for this year’s Hajj season.

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