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New details of the tragic burning of a person in his car in Jeddah

The story of the burning of a Saudi citizen in his car is still of interest to the Saudi street after circulating a video clip of the victim’s scream after being burned amid the anger of the Saudi street, and his demand for the most severe punishment for the perpetrators, according to what was circulated by media activists under the hashtag #Bandar_Al-Qarhadi on the “Twitter” platform.

While the father of the deceased appeared in a circulating video, asking a question to the perpetrators, “I am what I am,” stressing that this behavior is alien to our values ​​and principles, and it is disgraceful and defective behavior that you will not be satisfied with.

The pioneers of social communication revealed new details about the death of a person who was burned to death by his friend, inside his vehicle in a parking lot in the southern neighborhood of Al-Iskan in Jeddah Governorate, mentioning that the murdered was in his forties, a father of two sons and an air hostess, indicating that he was killed Treachery by his childhood friend, in the neighborhood where the perpetrator lives.

Regarding the details of the accident, the victim tried to save himself by getting out of his car and heading to the public road, while he was repeating at the top of his voice, “I am your brother…!”, According to a video clip that documented part of the incident.

The sources added that the victim tried to go to the health center located in the same neighborhood, where a person took him there, without knowing about the incident, indicating that he spoke with the guard at the center, then he was transferred to the hospital, but he died after that.

And the Jeddah Governorate Police had arrested a citizen, for setting fire to a vehicle, which led to the death of its driver from burns, following a previous dispute between them.

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