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“SAR” signs a contract with “Tabadul” to raise the efficiency of the dry port in Riyadh

Saudi Railways “SAR” signed a contract with the Saudi Company for Electronic Information Exchange “Tabadul”, with the aim of providing secure digital solutions for the logistics sector, and raising the operational efficiency of the dry port located in Riyadh, which is operationally linked to the King Abdulaziz Sea Port in Dammam via railways.

The agreement contributes to regulating the entry and exit of trucks and their movement within the port and reducing waiting time, in addition to increasing the speed of entry of containers to the dry port.

SAR CEO, Bashar Al-Malik, explained that the agreement represents one of SAR’s initiatives to raise operational efficiency at the port and provide services to customers by adopting the latest technologies to contribute to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in making the Kingdom a logistical platform linking the three continents, according to the news agency. Saudi Arabia, SPA.

For his part, Majid Al-Otaibi, CEO of “Tabadul”, stated that the partnership between the two parties is in the interest of the logistics sector in the Kingdom by providing digital solutions, stressing that it is in line with the objectives of the “Tabadul” company and its services provided, as it seeks to provide digital solutions to raise efficiency and transparency and enhance performance. operations of the logistics sector.

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