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The “Arab National” recommends distributing 6% cash dividends for the second half

Today, Tuesday, Arab National Bank announced the recommendation of the Board of Directors to the Ordinary General Assembly to approve the distribution of interim cash dividends to the bank’s shareholders for the second half of 2022, with a total of 900 million riyals, with a number of shares due for profits of 1.5 billion shares.

And the Arab Bank said, in a statement on “Tadawul Saudi Arabia”, that the share of the share from the distribution is 0.6 riyals after deducting zakat, with a distribution ratio to the nominal share value of 6%.

The eligibility date for the bank’s shareholders who own shares at the end of the day of the General Assembly meeting and who are registered with the Securities Depository Center Company at the end of the second trading day from the date of the meeting to be held during the first quarter of 2023 AD, and the distribution date will be announced later.

The bank added that in addition to what was distributed amounting to 750 million riyals for the first half of 2022 AD, the total profits that were distributed and will be distributed for the fiscal year 2022 AD are about 1.650 billion riyals, at 1.10 riyals per share, which represents 11% of the nominal share value after deducting zakat. .

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