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The decision to prevent Afghan girls from university education contradicts women’s rights

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed the astonishment and regret of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the decision of the Afghan caretaker government to deny Afghan girls the right to university education, and calls on it to reverse this decision, which raises astonishment in all Islamic countries, and contradicts giving Afghan women their full legal rights, foremost of which is the right to education. It contributes to supporting security, stability, development and prosperity for Afghanistan and its brotherly people.

On the same level, the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Hussein Ibrahim Taha, expressed his deep condemnation following the decision taken by the de facto administration in Afghanistan to close universities to girls and women for an indefinite period, which he considered a decision pointing to concern.

In a statement issued today, he stressed that the step taken by the de-facto government through its Ministry of Higher Education raises great alarm for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The Secretary-General of the Organization and his Special Envoy to Afghanistan had repeatedly warned the de-facto authorities against taking such a decision, as the last warning message was that conveyed by the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General to Afghanistan during his visit to Kabul in mid-November 2022, and the assertion that the suspension of access Female students to Afghanistan’s universities will contribute significantly to undermining the credibility of the existing government, and it will also deprive Afghan girls and women of their basic rights to education, employment and social justice.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation expressed its condemnation of this decision, although it remains committed to the policy of communication with the de-facto administration, calling on the Kabul authorities to reverse it in order to maintain consistency between its promises and actual decisions.

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