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The Saudi “Human Resources” announces the implementation of the decision to localize these professions

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia announced the start of implementing the decision to localize “customer service” professions and the second phase of the decision to localize “legal professions” throughout the Kingdom, after the end of the grace period specified for the decision to localize these professions.

Customer service localization

The ministry stated in a statement that the decision to localize “customer service professions” by 100% includes establishments that provide customer service as a main activity or a supportive activity, or by outsourcing this service to another party to serve its customers through means of communication, including leadership and supervisory positions.

She added that the second stage of the decision to localize the “legal professions” will be 70% of the total number of workers with legal consulting professions in the facility.

Localization of legal professions

The Ministry indicated that this stage of the decision targets all companies, law firms and legal advisory offices in the Kingdom in which legal advisors work, which include “the professions of a legal advisor for public systems, a legal advisor for private systems, a contract specialist, and a clerk of legal affairs.”

The minimum wage will be 5,500 riyals for bachelor’s holders, noting that the first stage of the decision was a 50% localization rate.

The Ministry stated that it will provide a package of incentives and support related to supporting private sector establishments to assist them in hiring Saudis, including: supporting the recruitment process and searching for suitable workers, and supporting the necessary training and qualification process.

The support also includes assisting the recruitment process and job stability for Saudis, as well as the priority of benefiting from all the Emiratisation support programs available in the system, and the support and employment programs through the Human Resources Development Fund “Godf”.

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