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A horrific attack in Qatif.. deliberately ran over a person with the aim of theft

On Thursday, the Qatif Governorate police in eastern Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of two people after they appeared in a horrific video clip in which they deliberately assaulted a person and stole what he had.

The police said, in a statement published by the Saudi Public Security account on Twitter, that the two attackers were Saudis, and the authorities arrested them, took regular measures against them, and referred them to the Public Prosecution.

The statement also indicated that the victim received medical care and left the hospital.

A surveillance camera in a nearby house documented the details of the incident, and the video was circulated on social media.

The clip showed a car hitting a person in the street and knocking him to the ground, so that a person got out of the vehicle and took some items from the injured person, then got into the car again and left the place, according to what was published by the “Interior Snap”.

In turn, the security authorities moved immediately and the two persons were arrested.

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