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“Jeddah Betrayed” .. Bandar Al-Qarhadi’s father tells his last moments

In expressions laden with pain, heartbreak, and tears, the father of Bandar Al-Qarhadi, who was treacherously murdered by his childhood friend in Jeddah, expressed his great pain and grief over the loss of his son, who did not have the minutes to eat his food, which he left at the door of his room, and ran out to meet his friend who betrayed him and burned him inside his car without guilt.

Hamburger and shawarma meal

In the details that Taha Al-Qarhadi told, he said: “My son Bandar lives with me in the same house, and the last time I met him was before his departure and his death, when he brought with him a meal consisting of hamburger and shawarma to eat, and left it hanging on the door of his room, and unfortunately it was not He returns to take it because of his treacherous death at the hands of his friend who deprived him of life.”

He also continued: “My son, Bandar, was known for his kindness, good treatment, and the approval of his parents. He has been working for Saudi Airlines for 20 years, and he was known for nothing but kindness and good manners. I raised him on good morals, good dealings with others, and love of goodness.”

Bender has 2 sons

He added in words full of sorrow while resisting crying: “His colleague at work is the one who betrayed him, and the incident that occurred is extraneous to our society, and what we have heard about before, as we live in the midst of upbringing the teachings of Islam and the authentic and high customs and traditions, and what we have previously heard about the burning of a living person.” And I do not wish any father or mother to live the heartbreak that I and my family live through, and I pray that Bandar will write with the martyrs, and I appeal to social media to stop broadcasting painful clips about my son Bandar, out of concern for my family because he has two sons.

In addition, communication activists circulated a video of Taha Muhammad Al-Qarhadi of the father of the deceased Bandar, who expressed his grief and affliction after the death of his son, who was killed by severe burns, after his friends lured him and set him on fire inside his car in Jeddah.

While the pioneers of social networking sites expressed their sympathy with the case of Bandar Al-Qarhadi, which shook the Saudi street, and the Saudis expressed their anger about this strange incident in Saudi society, denouncing such behavior that has nothing to do with humanity. On his Twitter account, which he wrote years ago, according to what was included in the post that Al-Qarhadi wrote on November 11, 2013: “Sunset is approaching.. Remind me of an invitation.”

A video clip documented the car in which Bandar Al-Qarhadi was burned, a victim of the treachery of his friends, who set the car on fire after they trusted him inside it and fled in Jeddah. Damage occurred in another car nearby after the fire spread to it.

It is noteworthy that the Jeddah Governorate Police announced the arrest of the perpetrator, and that the inference procedures showed the existence of a previous dispute between the two parties, and he was arrested and regular measures were taken against him and referred him to the Public Prosecution.

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