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Saudi Prosecution: Charge of attempted murder for someone who ran over a citizen in Qatif

An official source in the Saudi Public Prosecution stated that the Public Prosecution in Al-Qatif Governorate has initiated investigation procedures with two people who appeared in a circulating video clip deliberately running over a person with their vehicle and stealing his personal belongings.

The source explained that the two defendants had confessed to committing the crime with the motive of seizing the property of the victim, and their admission was certified by the competent court.

He added that the investigation procedures resulted in the two attempting to kill and rob a person, and they were suspended in preparation for completing the investigation procedures against them and referring them to the competent court urgently to demand severe penalties in this regard.

He stressed that these acts are among the major crimes that require arrest.

The source also stressed the judicial protection of infallible souls and ensuring the peace and tranquility of members of society, and that violating this aspect necessitates strict criminal accountability.

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