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After 33 years of marriage… a Saudi woman’s dowry is returned by a court ruling

The Western Saudi Court proved the dowry of a female citizen who got married 33 years ago in the amount of 50,000 riyals, and she did not receive the dowry since then until the end of the marital relationship. Appellate court.

According to the reasons published by the Saudi newspaper “Okaz”, a woman in her fifties filed a lawsuit before the Personal Status Court stating that she had married 33 years ago and had 5 children before her marital relationship ended with the annulment of the marriage, and that she had not received her dowry of 50,000 riyals since that time. She added that her father, when issuing the marriage contract, “knocked on his chest” and noted that he had received the dowry, which did not happen.

“needs liquidity in the stock exchange”

The plaintiff explained that the reason for not receiving the dowry and her silence was that her husband was speculating in stocks and the stock exchange and needed liquidity, and he promised to compensate her after returning from travel, but he did not abide by his promise, in addition to his insistence on her resignation from her work and then compensation when he finishes the procedures for selling real estate in a family inheritance, and from Then it was divided, but he also did not abide by his promise, and she justified her silence on the claim in order to prevent problems and to satisfy him.

He added to that that he obtained sums of money from her job dues after her resignation under the pretext of building and furnishing the house, and he did not abide by what he promised, and he continued to receive money from her until he married her, which prompted her to obtain a divorce. And the husband answered the lawsuit in a remote judicial session, that what the plaintiff mentioned that she was his ex-wife and the mother of his children and her divorce is correct, and as for her claim not to receive her dowry, it is incorrect in whole and in detail and is not accepted by reason and logic, with evidence that it is proven in the marriage contract that the agreed-upon dowry was delivered. In addition to her silence for a long period of more than 33 years, which confirms the invalidity of her claim, and the defendant said that his second marriage prompted his ex-wife to file the lawsuit.

The pair stumbles providing evidence

The court asked the wife about her evidence, and she said: ‚ÄúThere is no evidence other than what you mentioned, and she expressed her willingness to take the oath after the husband requested that she swear on the validity of her claim. Hand it over to me and nothing of it.”

Based on the foregoing of the case and the answer and the approval of the parties to the case that the marriage contract took place between them with the description, date and contract, and where the husband denied not delivering the dowry, and said that his wife had received it, and he did not present the evidence connected to that, and because what he presented was that the contract was written in it that the dowry had been delivered It is not sufficient to prove receipt, as the principle is non-delivery, just as the apparent meaning, which is what the plaintiff wife argued, is that her father struck his chest and wrote in the contract that he had received, and the court indicated that the husband requested the oath of his divorcee to deny his receipt of the dowry, and the plaintiff wife took the legal oath, as he asked her It was proven to the court that the plaintiff wife did not receive the dowry of 50,000 riyals from her defendant husband, and thus the court ruled and the ruling became final.

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