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Al-Maria Art Exhibition concludes its activities in Riyadh

The activities of the Al-Maria Fine Art Exhibition, in its second edition, concluded in Riyadh in conjunction with the Misk Charity Week, which included new experiences presented by the artist Fatima Al-Nimr, the artist Zaman Jassem, the artist Najla Al-Saleem, and the guest of honor for this year from the Sultanate of Oman, the artist Hassan Meer.

Speaking about the details of the exhibition, the Saudi artist, Fatima Al-Nimr, said: The exhibition focused in its edition this year on the integration of the four elements upon which the lives of the inhabitants of the island were based, between “air”, “water”, “fire” and “soil”, where stories were born and buried. Secrets and people lived, in a new style that simulates the viewer’s senses through moving and still images, sound, light, and more.

She added that each artist searched in his own way by contemplating the integration of the four elements in the lives of the island’s inhabitants in the past and the forgotten stories within it.

Attendance for lovers of plastic art in the Al-Maria exhibition

Al-Nimr stated that her work embodies fire through a project of installation work of tambourines and called it “Beautiful and Fire” that represents sketches and lyrics for songs by popular artists from the Qatif region, and embodied a state of internal conflict despite their happiness for us during weddings, explaining that she will tour stations around the world during the year each From Muscat, Bahrain, London and France to display her paintings.

The artist, Zaman Al-Jassem, portrayed the experience of sanctuary and the endless pursuit of tranquility in 3 pieces of art, while the plastic artist Najla Al-Saleem presented an artistic group that contemplates the life journey of clay and its transformations, dealing with it as a living element. between heaven and earth, contemplating the miracle of the integration of the four elements in the desert.

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