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Depositing 900 million riyals in the accounts of “sakani” beneficiaries in Saudi Arabia for the month of December

Today, Sunday, the Real Estate Development Fund announced the deposit of more than 900 million riyals in the accounts of the “sakani” beneficiaries of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing and the “Real Estate Fund” for the month of December, as part of the continuous efforts to support the beneficiaries.

This comes with the aim of achieving the goals of the housing program, “one of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programs,” to raise the percentage of homeownership to 70% by 2030, and to provide housing and financing solutions in a sustainable manner.

The CEO of the real estate fund, Mansour bin Madi, stated that the total support for the month of December amounted to more than 900 million riyals, which was allocated in support of the profits of subsidized real estate financing contracts, indicating that the total that was deposited in the accounts of Sakani beneficiaries since the announcement of the transformation program in June 2017 until December 2022 It amounted to about 43.5 billion riyals, according to the Saudi News Agency, “SPA”.

Bin Madi said: “The diversity of housing support programs and what they include of financing and housing products and solutions within more solutions and options, have achieved rapid growth and facilitated the journey of owning adequate housing,” stressing that the real estate fund continues to provide housing support programs that include a number of products and solutions. financing and housing, confirming his keenness to diversify the options that enable the provision of housing and financing solutions in a sustainable manner.

And he indicated that the fund is educating its beneficiaries on the importance of saving and financial planning and benefiting from the real estate advisor service, which is a guide to the ownership journey and provides the best financing and housing solutions, stressing that the fund is continuing to work on everything that would support programs and initiatives that raise the percentage of Saudi families owning homes. Through subsidized real estate loans, in cooperation with its partners from financing agencies and real estate finance companies.

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