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The Saudi “industry” issues 803 mining licenses with investments of 26.7 billion riyals in 10 months

The Saudi Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources revealed that the total volume of investments in the industrial sector until last October amounted to 1.374 trillion riyals, while the total number of factories reached 10,788, with a monthly increase of 0.56%.

The Ministry stated in the “Monthly Bulletin of Industry and Mining” for the month of October 2022, that the number of mining licenses valid in the sector until the end of October amounted to 2,164 licenses, including 1,358 building materials quarry licenses, 565 exploration licenses, 173 mining and small mine exploitation licenses, 36 reconnaissance licenses, and 32 licenses. License for surplus mineral ores.

The bulletin indicated that the number of new industrial licenses issued by the ministry from January 2022 until the end of October amounted to 803 licenses, with investments amounting to 26.7 billion riyals.

The ministry indicated that 939 factories started production operations during the same period with investments amounting to 26.7 billion riyals, and the industrial sector created 39,372 job opportunities during the same period.

The number of licensed workers in the industrial sector increased by 0.19% to 1.048 million workers.

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