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Watch an image from space showing the sky of Saudi Arabia covered with clouds

The Astronomical Society in Jeddah published a picture of the planet Earth, taken on December 23, 2022, by the “Discover” satellite, which was transmitted by “NASA”. According to the association’s comment, the picture shows half of the Saudi sky covered with clouds.

The report of the prevailing and expected climatic situation during the winter season, issued by the National Center of Meteorology in Saudi Arabia, predicted higher-than-average rainfall in the regions of “Riyadh, Al-Jawf, and parts of the Holy Makkah region.” Hail, Qassim, the eastern region and parts of the northern borders.

It is noteworthy that the quarterly climate report deals with the prevailing and expected climate situation during the seasons of the year in Saudi Arabia, by analyzing climate data such as atmospheric pressure, wind rates, temperature rates and precipitation rates over a long period of time that may exceed 30 years.

The Society wrote on Twitter that the Discover satellite faces the Earth and is at the Lagrang 1 point directly between the Earth and the Sun.

She explained that the “Lagrang 1” point is 1.5 million km away from Earth, where the gravitational forces between the sun and the Earth produce a relatively stable place for spacecraft. This site is located far behind the magnetic environment of the globe, which makes it a suitable place to measure the torrent of particles coming from the sun.

Yesterday morning, “snowflakes” began to fall on the peaks of the Al-Lawz Mountains in the Tabuk region, announcing a cold snowy winter season sweeping northwestern Saudi Arabia, and possibly sweeping the Alaqan and Al-Zaytah regions, due to the extremely cold polar depressions.

The people of Tabuk are waiting for weather bulletins to be able to experience this climatic phenomenon that is unique to the northern and northwestern regions of Saudi Arabia, for reasons due to its proximity to the very cold polar depressions.

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