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The role of Majed Abdullah is a shift in my artistic career

A sporting march beyond the ordinary of nature, and legends woven around it, 22 years of football miracle made by the icon Majed Abdullah, and the play “The Flaming Arrow” came, seeking to embody this journey, within the activities of the Riyadh Season 2022.

The play, which was shown recently, reviewed the most prominent stations of Majid Abdullah, and his role was played by actor Faisal Al-Doukhi, who told that he had played the most difficult roles he had ever performed, explaining that preparations began a month before the theatrical show, on November 15.

As Doukhi mentioned in his speech, he used the materials available on the Internet, watched some of Majid’s meetings and read his stories that are not related to the theatrical text, in order to get to know the nature and dimensions of the character closely.

Arrow fervent

He revealed that he met a lot with Majed, as the latter cooperated and took a lot of his time to answer the inquiries of the Saudi representative, and revealed the phone calls between them when he wanted to ask him, and Al-Doukhi explained that the communications revolved around the way he behaved with his family and friends.

During the meeting with the player, who holds the title of dean of world players, Al-Doukhi focused on his behavior, physical movements, and reaction, and he also faced a challenge in conveying Majed’s calmness to the stage and bringing it to the audience. Regarding the conformity of the form, he indicated that the play’s crew aimed to harmonize by up to 70%, and it achieved this.

He believes that what is distinctive about the impersonation of real characters is that it is possible to sit with the character, and explore its features, details and characteristics, and the difficulty lies in the comparison that will occur between the character and the representation.

A shift in art

From Dokhi’s point of view, it is the scene closest to him when the character is alone and talks about the situations that he spoke to her with her father, because the Saudi representative sensed this real and honest situation, as he said, in addition to that he listened and read a lot about this situation.

He believes that this role represents a shift for him in his artistic career, and it will be recorded in his history and he will not forget it, and he thinks that honoring creators through cinema, theater and concerts gives every Saudi a motive and incentive to work and continue progressing, because every hardworking person will receive his share of celebration.

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