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A sight that catches the eye of the reflection of the clouds on the walls of the Kingdom Tower

A Saudi photographer was able to present impressive footage of the rapid passage of clouds over the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, until it caught the attention of the pioneers of social media platforms about the aesthetics of the scenes around the tower, which is 302 meters high in 99 floors.

Regarding the details of filming this shot, photographer Abdulaziz Al-Damkh indicated in his interview with that the view of the cloud near the tower captivated him during its reflection on the Kingdom Tower, so he decided to convey this stunning view of the clouds running on the walls of the tower to the audience, after he He documented it with aerial photography via a drone camera.

He said: “When I was driving my car on King Fahd Road, and when passing through the Kingdom Tower, I noticed the reflection of the dense, intermittent and fast clouds on the glass of the Kingdom Tower, one of the most important landmarks of the capital, Riyadh, and at this moment I decided to turn and photograph it aerially to commemorate this moment, and even convey it to followers on social media.” Filming took about half an hour, but the result was impressive, and the reactions were great.”

He added: “My relationship with the tower is an emotional one, as it represents for me many beautiful memories, the most prominent of which is my participation in the vertical race of the Kingdom Tower, which is held there in a competition every year to climb the Kingdom Tower using the stairs!”

Photography passion

Al-Damkh expressed his love for photography. For him, photography is a passion and love to show everything that is beautiful in terms of landmarks. Many photographers wait for a certain time of the day or of the year to take a snapshot of a place or element, from a different angle in weather conditions that do not recur often, hence the uniqueness. And creativity, and the winter season in Riyadh has always been the best for capturing these images, whether it is raining or when clouds gather, the magic of sunrise and sunset, or the fog that covers the skyscrapers.

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