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Details of the inclination of a hotel building in Makkah..and the evacuation of its residents

A video clip of the inclination of a hotel building consisting of several floors, on another building adjacent to it in Al-Hafaer in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, raised the fears of many who followed with concern the fate of the neighboring sites, after the video showed the leaning building located on a public street, which was designated for the crossing of cars and pedestrians, and there is also Neighboring shops.

The video showed the building with a clear inclination and decline on the left side, at a time when sources stated that the civil defense had started the site, residents were evacuated and the street was closed.

In an interview with, the official spokesman for the Municipality of the Holy Capital, Osama Zaytoun, confirmed that the Municipality inspected the building in cooperation with a committee composed of several government agencies with specialization, from the Civil Defense, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, the Ministry of Tourism, and the security authorities. building and inspect it.

The building was completely evacuated from the residents as a precaution, in addition to the work to protect the site from passers-by until the completion of the study of the status of the building and access to permits and to ensure its safety for housing.

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