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Issuance of camping permits in national parks

The National Center for Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification decided to open the door to camping for those wishing by issuing camping permits for individuals in the lands of vegetation and national parks supervised by the Center, through the vegetation development departments in the regions, and the national parks departments.

The center stated that the permits include parks, Huraymila National Park, Thadiq Al-Watani, Thadiq Raghbah, Umm Al-Shuquq Kindergarten, Jableh, Al-Qaa Kindergarten in Thurmada in Marat Governorate, and Shaqra (Eastern Nufud) in Riyadh.

He pointed out that the areas where camping is permitted in the Qassim region include parks, the Qassim National Park, Al-Qasha’i, Al-Asyaf, Unaizah (Al-Ghada Parks), Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Region, and Al-Bayda National Park.

He stipulated that the camping site be determined under his supervision, as well as the provision of security and safety tools according to the requirements of civil defense, taking into account the requirements of the relevant authorities, as well as the availability of a national identity or regular residence for individuals, and the center also approved general rules that must be adhered to, which included that the duration of camping does not exceed three months, and that only one camp be specified for each beneficiary.

He stressed the necessity of preserving the vegetation cover in the camping sites, avoiding harmful behaviors such as (grazing, hunting, logging and throwing waste), not using the camps for any purposes other than camping, and committing not to constructing buildings with structural building materials or metal sheets, and preventing the erection of poles or mounds. Dirt around the camp, following the system of the park or site (camping place).

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