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Witness a gun threat to a Saudi student from the owner of a room he rented in America

The Denton City Police, in the US state of Texas, is investigating a video spread on Twitter last Wednesday evening, but only through Arabic tweets, in which a Saudi student appears to be subjected to an armed threat from an American owner of a room that the student rented from him 3 months ago.

The news was covered by only one American newspaper, in a way that did not clarify the details of what happened between the owner and the tenant, which is the local newspaper, the Denton Record-Chronicle, and because nothing about the subject appeared on the “Saudis in Denton” website for Saudi students in the city, so it used “Al-Arabiya. Net” with a useful bit in the newspaper’s news devoid of the student’s name, nationality, and photo, in addition to a little information contained in 3 Twitter tweets, the most important of which is the one whose photo is published below, and written by the student born 28 years ago in Jeddah, according to what is mentioned in his Twitter account Moh_1994_@, describing himself as a student. Master of Disaster and Crisis Management.

The student recounted in his tweet that the owner used the excuse that he was carrying a gun to protect himself

It is clear from the tweet, as from a video, that the problem between the two is related to the kitchen, which was indicated by another tweet, written by the Saudi tweeter @Milano_AlEnazi on Sunday, in which he said that the owner requested an additional amount from the student, outside the agreement, to allow him to use the kitchen, and when he refused, he decided The landlord expelled him without returning the rent he paid. “The police took the student’s side and stated that the landlord had no right to evict him because they had a contract,” he said.

Milano wrote a second tweet, in which he stated that the owner “used threatening methods to intimidate the student, including the use of white-skinned people to discipline him, including terrorizing him with weapons as it appeared in the video, but the student was able to photograph him and inform the police of what the owner of the house had done, and here things began to take a turn.” another, especially after the videos reached the local media,” as he put it.

“Are you going to shoot me?”

The owner of the property appears in the video presented below of the veiled threat, with a gun in his hand, as he climbed the stairs leading to the student’s room, who came out of it carrying his mobile phone, to photograph him with it, so he asked him if he knew what he was holding in his hand, i.e. the gun, and he replied: “Do you threaten me with it (. .) What if I go to the kitchen, will you shoot me?” After seconds of silence, he replied, “We’ll see what I’ll do. I didn’t threaten to shoot you (..) You think you’re very smart. You know what I’m going to do.. Find it.” by threatening him.

As for the news of the newspaper, it states that Allison Beckwith, a spokeswoman for Denton Police, issued a statement saying that the investigators will provide an update upon the completion of their follow-up of the incident, and she explained, according to’s summary, what the newspaper quoted her, that the one who filmed it, i.e. the Saudi student. He didn’t want to file a complaint at first, and no one was arrested,” she said.

However, the police “arrested the owner of the property after the video spread to the media, and released him on bail,” according to what was reported on “Facebook” last Sunday by a Saudi who holds a BA in economics from the American University of Rockford, Hamad Alkharraa, a member of the Saudi Economic Association.

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