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A state of instability affecting large areas of the Kingdom

The researcher and meteorologist Moaz Al-Ahmadi revealed to that there is an atmospheric state of instability affecting large areas of Saudi Arabia, and its impact continues for several days, starting from Thursday evening, December 29.

He said: Synoptic maps indicate the advent of an air depression that provokes the so-called Red Sea Tough groove in the Red Sea in the middle of the Red Sea coast as well. A warm air mass rushes from the south of the Red Sea towards Saudi Arabia, due to the presence of an air elevation in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula.

He added: First, the coasts of the southern region and its heights are affected in the Jazan region, Abha, Al-Namas, Al-Baha, the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region and its dependencies, in addition to the Taif governorate and the coasts of the Red Sea, especially Jeddah, Rabigh, Al-Laith, Al-Qunfudhah, the eastern coasts, the highlands, and Aliyah Najd, east of the western and southern regions, to the capital, Riyadh and its dependencies, and Al-Qassim.

The effect extends to the eastern region, Dammam, from Friday morning until Saturday evening. The effect and peak of the situation in these areas intensifies with the nature of thunderstorms, moving on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, with the deepening of the air depression to Medina and its dependencies, Yanbu Al-Rayyis and other provinces, then east towards the region of Hail, Al-Jawf, Tarjul, the northern borders and Hafar The subconscious continues to affect the case until Saturday, January 7, 2023.

He explained that alerts issued by the competent authorities and the National Center of Meteorology must be followed up.

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