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A Saudi envoy rescues an elderly American woman who was caught in a snowstorm

A Saudi envoy recorded a noble humanitarian gesture when he rescued an American elderly woman who was caught in the snowstorm that swept Buffalo, central New York.

Muhammad al-Sahli, a scholarship student with a specialization in cybercrime and criminology, recounted the story to He says: While my friend Badr Baatia and I were on our way to buy supplies for fear of food shortages due to the snow storm, we saw a woman in critical condition in the middle of the snow and severe weather. The coldness, and by virtue of the fact that the situation was bad, most of the passers-by offered their services for an exorbitant amount of money, and the American lady could not afford the costs, and then we offered her help without financial compensation. We provided the service, and our answer was that this is one of the principles of our Islamic religion on which we grew up, as it urges us to cooperate and help, and after completion, she insisted that we visit the restaurant in which she works, and she offers us hospitality in return for our assistance to her.

from the blizzard

Winter season in America

He added that the winter season is one of the most difficult seasons facing the Saudi scholarship student in America, due to the fundamental difference between it and Saudi Arabia. To the university, and finally before the storms occur, it becomes an alert among the people, and most food and health products run out of stores.

Al-Sahli described the snow storm as the worst snow storm that America has witnessed in more than 40 years, as it is the worst ever, and more than 5 thousand and 400 flights have been canceled, even highways are closed due to the density of snow, as vision is completely blocked, and the temperature reached 50 below zero.

He added: The snow storm affected not only New York, but also New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and others, as the storm was strong and affected millions of Americans.

Saudi student initiatives

Regarding the initiatives of Saudi students, he mentioned that the aid is mostly for Saudi clubs supported by the Saudi Cultural Attaché, which carry out voluntary work in helping the needy in the streets, and these actions are considered to have a positive impact on the Saudi student in exile, including the spirit of cooperation and helping others.

During humanitarian initiatives and aid, we receive some questions from people, why are you doing this for free? We always associate that our Islamic religion urges us to cooperate and help others, especially when it comes to children and the elderly.

He concluded his speech by explaining: “We, as Saudis in exile, try as much as possible to highlight our authentic Saudi culture at all times and places, and to introduce Western societies to the Saudi character that is based on humanity and peace.”

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