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In the video, Saudi women drive the Haramain Express train for the first time

The Saudi Railways “SAR” showed a video clip of a number of graduates of the first batch of female leaders of the Haramain Express Train, which includes 32 Saudi female leaders who are setting off at full speed to achieve their great dream of driving one of the fastest trains in the world.

Sarah Al-Shehri, a train conductor under training, said in the video, which was published by “Sar” through her official account on “Twitter”: “My colleagues and I are proud that we had the opportunity to be the first Saudi female leaders of a fast train in the Middle East.”

Noura Hisham, a train conductor under training, described driving the train as a great responsibility, especially as it involves transporting pilgrims, Umrah performers and visitors, which gives them a great motivation to work with great care and attention.

She added: I am happy to drive the train before learning to drive the car, and this came thanks to the training we received under the supervision of the Saudi Railways.

In turn, Shejen Al-Mursi, a train conductor under training, expressed her great pride in being one of the 32 train conductors serving her country through the Haramain Express Train.

The highest safety standards

Bashaer Saad Allah Al-Ghamdi, a train conductor under training, said that they are being trained to drive the Haramain Express train through a simulator that completely represents reality, and contains a real driving cabin, through which all weather factors and technical problems that may be encountered while driving the train are tested.

For his part, Muhannad Shaker, a train conductor and instructor, stressed that “we are keen on the Haramain Express Train to train both male and female leaders to achieve the highest standards of security and safety, ensuring that the train moves from the stations to its final destination without delay or the occurrence of any problems, God forbid.”

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