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Watch.. The Japanese ambassador wears the “bisht” and congratulates Saudi Arabia on the New Year

The Ambassador of Japan to Saudi Arabia, Fumio Iwai, wore the Saudi dress as he congratulated the leadership and people of Saudi Arabia, on the occasion of the beginning of the new year 2023.

The Japanese ambassador appeared in a video clip; He posted it on his Twitter account, wearing the Saudi dress โ€œthe Bisht and the Shemaghโ€, and he talks in Arabic about the historical and strong relations that unite the Kingdom and Japan in various fields.

The Ambassador of Japan also expressed his sincere congratulations to the government and people of the Kingdom on the New Year, wishing that the New Year will be full of goodness, blessings, health and wellness for all.

While social media activists interacted with the photo, expressing their happiness with this human encounter between Japan and Saudi Arabia.

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