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What is the story of the oud player who arrested Muhammad Abdo in Al-Ula?

In a race against time, and after attending Muhammad Abdo’s concert in Al-Ula, the musician Abdullah Al-Qarni rushed out to be the first to receive the Arab artist while he was at the airport to hear him, and it was only from the Arab artist that he shared this talent with a hum with one of his songs, which was documented by a video clip. It was widely spread on social media platforms.

In the details, a video clip documented a funny situation, bringing together the Arab artist Muhammad Abdo and a Saudi oud player who played during the passage of the artist Abdo in one of the theaters in Al-Ula Governorate, so that Abdo stopped and started singing to the tune of the musical piece, as the playing won the admiration of the Arab artist to start humming and singing with him, At the time, Abdo praised the skill of the Saudi musician.

The clip was well received by the pioneers of the social networking site “Twitter”, as they confirmed that it is a great honor for any musician or musician to participate with the Arab artist, Mohamed Abdo. In his interview with, the musician Abdullah Al-Qarni, who started playing 8 years ago, through a journey of self-learning, said: “I previously met the artist, Muhammad Abdo, who was the reason for my passion in music, to start in the world of playing after I understood the most important principles. Playing and tuning, and I have important basics in playing, and I have mastered playing the piano and the violin.

Support and assistance

Al-Qarni narrated the details of the support he found from his family and from Taif University, through the Academy of Arabic Poetry headed by Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, which made him obtain support from all sides and continue to give and develop his talent.

He said: “My meeting with the Arab artist, Muhammad Abdo, was not the first, and there was more than one previous meeting. I attended his wonderful concert at the Maraya Theater in Al-Ula, and I was keen to precede him to the airport to be the first to receive him to listen to my playing, and he hums with me in the clip that found great echoes.”

He added: “My feeling cannot be described, because there is an artistic stature by virtue of the artist Muhammad Abdo and he praises my playing, so I consider that as an honorary doctorate for my artistic and personal career.”

Technical Solo

Al-Qarni continued his speech: I love playing various songs, and the most songs that I like to enjoy and play are the unique musical compositions of the artist Muhammad Abdo, which take me to a wonderful artistic world, and I am currently working on developing my artistic creativity, and experimenting with the paths of musical composition, especially since I participated in many Events through the membership of the Academy of Arabic Poetry and some musical mornings, and artistic events, and I hope to find the opportunity for more participation.

Ella party

It is noteworthy that the Arab artist, Muhammad Abdo, presented an exceptional musical night in the city of Al-Ula, in which he starred with a number of his most prominent lyrical works, amidst a great reception from his fans at the concert, which met with wide interaction on the Maraya Theater, and the Arab artist presented a package of the most beautiful songs that entertained the audience, as he The night witnessed the presentation of each of the songs “Similar to the Wind”, “You recommend me to be discreet” and “I see you every day”. He also starred in the songs “On the Mind” and “The Day I Come”. before the audience who attended the ceremony.

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