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Saudi Arabia.. the “Supporting Defaulters” program supports 48,000 executive rulings with 120 million riyals in 2022

The defaulters’ support program in Saudi Arabia revealed the payment of housing rent “rent support” for more than 48,000 executive rulings, with a value of more than 120 million riyals, during the year 2022, by providing support to defaulters whose contracts are documented through the electronic network for rental services “rent”, by paying the amounts Automatically defaulted financial services through shared electronic services with the Ministry of Justice, under the supervision of the Ministry’s agency for the third sector and community participation.

The program stated in a statement today, Tuesday, that the defaulted cases are automatically received from the Execution Court after the verdict is issued, to be presented to the central committee formed of representatives from (Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Ministry of Interior, and Charitable Associations). To determine the type of support, and to provide it within a period not exceeding 30 days from its referral from the execution judiciary.

The support comes in consideration of some exceptional cases of citizens who have failed to pay the housing rent, as the program aims to provide social protection to the distressed groups, as an extension of the efforts of the housing program – one of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programs – aimed at providing support to families most in need and raising the proportion of housing ownership to 70. percent by 2030, according to the Saudi Press Agency, SPA.

It is noteworthy that the program to support those defaulting on the payment of the housing rent “rent support” was issued by Cabinet Resolution No. (405) to support citizens who are unable to pay the housing rent due to circumstances beyond their control within four specific cases included, namely: (the family of the deceased, the prisoner, the sick, and the weak material capacity), that the residential lease contract be documented within a rental network as an executive document, and that an executive decision is issued against the beneficiary by the judge, and it is referred through technical integration between the Ministries of Justice and the “Municipality and Housing”, so that the type of support is studied through the Support Committee central.

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