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Allowing early booking for pilgrims from inside Saudi Arabia..and these prices

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced the availability of early registration for pilgrims from within the Kingdom through the ministry’s website and the “Nusk” application, for those wishing to perform the Hajj rituals for the current year 1444 AH, as part of the Ministry’s continuous efforts to facilitate the application procedures for performing the Hajj rituals within easy and accessible steps, with the aim of raising the quality of services. And enriching the religious and cultural experience of the guests of Rahman, in order to achieve the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 programs.

The ministry stated, in a press statement, on Thursday, that the Hajj packages for citizens and residents from inside the Kingdom come within 4 different categories at reasonable prices, including the economic package that starts from 3984 riyals, as an extension of the efforts made to raise the quality of services and meet the wishes of pilgrims by finding appropriate solutions and options. Their aspirations and capabilities, in addition to diversifying the possibility of payment, either by paying the full amount or by paying in part in 3 installments, according to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”.

It also comes from the most important application criteria that there is a “national identity” for citizens or a “resident identity” for residents of the Kingdom, valid until the end of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah 1444 AH, at least, for those wishing to perform the rituals of Hajj, and the minimum age for registration to perform the Hajj for this year will be 12 years with The priority of registration is for those who have not performed Hajj before, and in the event that vacant places are available, those who have previously performed Hajj will be included, and the priority requirement for women is excluded.

Complete the immunization

All applicants are also required to complete immunization with coronavirus (Covid-19) and “seasonal influenza” vaccines, in addition to obtaining a valid vaccination certificate proving receipt of the “ACYW quadruple meningitis” vaccine, at least 10 days before coming to Hajj. .

Those wishing to perform Hajj from inside the Kingdom can register via the Ministry’s website at the link: or through the “” application for smart phones, review all Hajj package options and their features, choose the appropriate package, and complete the Hajj package. Electronic payment operations within easy and convenient electronic procedures available around the clock.

through companies and institutions

The Ministry also stressed that contracting and providing Hajj-related services is done through companies and institutions licensed by the Ministry to serve pilgrims from within the Kingdom and listed on the Ministry’s website, stressing that registration for Hajj performance is through the pilgrim himself, while being careful not to contract with any Campaigns or companies not licensed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah or not listed on the Ministry’s website.

She also noted the need to review the services included in the packages upon reservation to ensure their suitability before completing the reservation, and to ensure the accuracy of information when registering data and choosing packages, and not to repeat the use of the mobile number to register for a different request. Inquiries and suggestions can be sent to the Ministry via e-mail ([email protected]), or the unified number 920002814, or on the Twitter platform account (@MOHU_Care) around the clock.

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