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An impressive video.. A Saudi hosts a Spanish family in “Kashta” in Hail

The appearance of a Spanish family in a circulating video clip of them having fun on a road trip with citizens impressed the Saudis.

A family from Spain appeared, sharing breakfast with a group of Saudis, and exchanging conversations amid a road trip adjacent to the mountain terrain in Hail.

The one interested in the kashtat – which means trips and sessions of righteousness – in Hail, Abdul Aziz Al-Suwailem, is the one who hosted the Spanish family in the circulating video, and he told Al I used to get used to the kashtat 20 years ago, and I go out to the most beautiful sites in Hail, wanting to enjoy the beautiful nature. Especially the mountain named Giant, which is known within the mountain ranges of Pomegranate Al-Asmar, and is located in the Al-Thaniya region to the east of the village of Al-Hamriyah, south of the city of Hail, about 70 km. Many European tourists are attracted to camp in this site due to the stunning scenery in the place.

In the details, Al-Suwailem said: The beauty of the site attracted this family when I encountered them during my trip to the site that does not have a network or means of communication. I dealt with them comfortably.

And he continued his speech: The reception is a message to Saudi tourists of various nationalities, and the importance of leaving a mark for generations about the importance of honoring tourists and good dealings with them.

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