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Savior of a child torrent Medina tells the details of the difficult situation

The child rescuer in Al-Azizia neighborhood in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah described the difficult situation when he was able to save a child who was about to die in a valley after the wave of rain that fell in the area, and the situation was documented in a pleasant video on social media platforms.

In the context of the details that the rescuer, Mazen Al-Hubaishi, told, he said: What I did was in response to the mother’s call and distress to save her child from one of the torrents near our house in Al-Azizia neighborhood, and I was at the house at the time, when one of the children came and told me that another child had drowned, and I got out Hurrying, and when I reached the site, I heard the mother’s cry for help, so I could not control myself, and threw myself into the water and rescued the child from a depth of more than two meters and full of rocks, and the call had been made to the civil defense, but time needed to act quickly, and thank God I was able to save the adult child Almost 7 years old.

call for help

Al-Hubaishi continued, “The family thanked me, but I ask God for reward, and I send a message to the families to abide by the warnings of the civil defense, to stay away from valleys and torrents, and not to risk their lives, the lives of their children, and the lives of others due to negligence and complacency.”

While the hashtag #Mazen_Al-Hubaishi was carried on social media, words of thanks, appreciation, and prayers for the savior to continue health and wellness

rescue moments

The Saudis followed with fear the moments of saving a child who drowned in a torrent in Medina. The situation was documented by a video clip showing breath-taking moments of the rescue of a child who was detained in the middle of a torrent in the city, as the child remained standing on a rock high above the water level.

A group of young men rushed to rescue him and extract him from the torrent, after they were able to build a bridge with two planks of wood, while one of them went down in the middle of the water and went towards the child, carried him, and took him back to the other side, until he reached his friends who helped him get the child out of the torrent.

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