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Passion was the first reason I reached the world

“Ambition and passion generate success, and there will be no success without failure.” With this sentence, Saudi film director Abdul Rahman Yahya expressed his continuation of the struggle and work to direct distinguished cinematic works that won international awards, including “Twaiq” and “Procrastination”, and 5 international awards and 7 Nominations, most notably the Hollywood Festival as Best Film, Los Angeles and Global Film Festivals as Best Director, and Royal Wolf as Best Director.

Director Abdul Rahman told “I started my directing career in 2006, when I was making films from idea to film, and I filmed them with my brothers, relatives, and neighbors, and I stayed like this until 2011 to complete my studies in the world of directing in the United States.” The American in New York “Film Academy” in Los Angeles, and from there she learned directing and filmmaking the right way.

A scene from the films directed by Abdul Rahman Yahya

The real launch

He added, “There are almost many works that I have done, whether from short films, documentaries or advertisements, but the realistic start is with the movie “Tuwaiq”, and I consider it the right start for me, as I won 3 international awards and 5 nominations through it.

Regarding the most important obstacles in his artistic career, he says: “The permanent obstacle for the filmmaker is the lack of support and the availability of professional staff and actors through whom you can build a professional movie.”

Fundamentals of the art of directing

And the director, Abdul Rahman, stated that the basics of the art of directing lie in the existence of a successful idea through which you can build the film, in addition to an assistant staff, actors, and film-making tools such as a camera, lighting, acoustics, and filming locations.

He stressed that the reality of professional Saudi directors is now in a great improvement, after the great support that the state directed to this sector, with the presence of the Film Commission that supports and supervises the works and supports financially and logistically.

And the conversation continued: “We are working on the movie “Fazz”, and we have finished filming most of its scenes, starring the actress Aisha Al-Rifai and a number of members of the Colors of Cinema Club. We are also preparing 8 long film projects through the club’s portal, and all the work that I did is from my account. However, we are working to find sponsors and investors in the film industry to support the films proposed by the club.

positive echoes

He described the feedback about his films as positive, and it appears through the international festivals portal, as it conveys the news of the participating films and highlights the winning films. We live in a desert and tents, so how can I make a film that beats festival participants around the world?

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