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She disappeared two months ago without news.. The mother of Khamis Mushait’s child lamented

In words wracked with pain and heartburn, the mother of the child, Lina Muhammad, expressed her pain over the separation of her daughter, who went missing in Khamis Mushayt two months ago without news of her whereabouts.

In her interview with, the mother said that she did not resort to the media until after the means were narrowed, and all attempts to search for her were exhausted.

The child has a special status

She confirmed that the security men did everything they could, with the help of school officials, parents and relatives, to find her, to no avail.

She confirmed, as she fought back her tears, that she did not know anything about her daughter, and lived with a heartbreak of fear for her, indicating that she was responsible for her food, food, and clothing because she had a problem with mental development.

She also revealed that she was working to follow up all the psychological, health and physical treatment and care for the child, as she was suffering from psychological problems and an injury in one of her eyes.

of the Saudi security forces

Disappearance details

Lina’s mother recounted the details of the day of her disappearance, indicating that the child went to take her test at school, and when the students left, the mother was there to receive her, and I was surprised that she was not there, and she was searched everywhere, but to no avail.

Lina’s mother recounted Lina’s condition during the last days: she was suffering from distress and depression because of her inability to be disciplined at work, as is the case with her peers, and the reason for her conversion to home study was that her mental age did not match her chronological age, as her chronological age was 13 years and age Al-Aqli is 7 years old, adding that her daughter has a speech problem.

It is noteworthy that the family suffers from a very difficult psychological condition, especially since all their attempts to find their daughter have failed.

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