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How did a child motivate her mother to participate in the camel festival?

Saudi Arabia, Nada Al-Busaili, participated in the camel festival in its seventh edition, after she galvanized her young daughter, and pushed her to run the course of Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman, which the festival dedicated to women’s participation.

She made it clear to that she is the mother of three girls, which prompts her to play her role towards them to the fullest. Therefore, she noticed that her daughter, Radina, became familiar with animals, and that she would not live without these delightful beings.

And so Al-Busaili decided to enter that field, after a coincidence that made her decide her affairs. One day she spent her day in a wild camp, and there she was captured by a magical view, as the camels pooled towards the sunshine, and when she stared at her children, she saw our response and her sister contemplating “tomorrow”, then they got up messing around.

An idea emerged from here in the imagination of Nada Al-Basali, to begin interest in the world of camels through research and reading, after which she went to the experts in the field of camel breeding, communicated with them, and obtained information, until Al-Busaili fulfilled her daughter’s wish, and bought her camels of the “individual” type. And who participated in the festival, while Rdina was unable to participate in her name, given that she is under 18 years old.

Al-Busaili explained that she wanted to create a tangible experience for her daughter, to consolidate it in her memory so that she could build her future on it, and she saw that the Camel Club is a gateway that facilitates entry to this world and provides her with opportunities.

She believes that camels are beings that express love and preserve friendship, which achieves happiness when a person approaches them, but they are a cultural heritage and an authentic identity that cannot be separated from, and she believes that this occasion represents an important meeting place for camel lovers, and helps those who wish and interested, and provides moments to get to know the empowered and the names Prominent in all disciplines related to the field.

She did not confirm that she would be able to attend the upcoming editions of the festival, due to her academic conditions, but her ambition and goal lie in seeing her daughter as a strong competitor and investor, and owns a purse.

Al-Busaily revealed her happiness with what Saudi women have achieved, as a result of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, as she claims that women have left their mark from the desert to space, which has enriched all scientific and cultural fields and knowledge.

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