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Renewal of the electronic passport for those under 21 years of age through “Absher”

Today, Monday, the General Directorate of Passports in Saudi Arabia revealed the completion of the third phase of the Saudi electronic passport, and made it possible to renew it for dependents under the age of 21, through the platform of the Ministry of Interior (Absher).

And the “Passports” indicated that this is the last stage for the services of issuing and renewing the electronic Saudi passport through the Absher platform, indicating that the citizen can benefit from these two services during the issuance and renewal of his passport and those affiliated with him.

She indicated that the citizen can renew the electronic passport of his dependents of 21 years or less through his account on the “Absher” platform and review the nearest passport branch with the previous passport to examine it, without booking a prior appointment, calling for benefiting from the electronic services provided through the (Absher) platform.

She stressed that receiving the passport will only be through the available shipping means (postal carrier) to the address registered on the platform, with the importance of preserving travel documents inside and outside the Kingdom and not mortgaging, neglecting or placing them in unsafe places.

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