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Singers sing… Saudi Arabia’s rain brings old songs back to the fore

Many Saudi singers sang about the rainy and cloudy weather, coinciding with the winter weather experienced by most regions in the Kingdom.

The Saudis began singing songs related to the winter weather and clouds, and broadcasting them on various communication platforms.

Famous songs

For his part, researcher and art critic Muhammad Salama told that the cloudy and rainy weather is usually considered an inspiration for the writers of the word and the letter, and for the composers of melodious melodies. .

He added that many songs were associated with the atmosphere of rain, including what the artist Mohamed Abdo sang, which is the most famous song, “The Song of Rain”, whose lyrics were penned by Badr Shaker Al-Sayyab, as well as “I see you rain Hattan .. No lightning, no thunder”, and the artist Talal Maddah sang With rain, from the words of Prince Badr bin Abdul Mohsen, “I said the rain, she said from the day Dima.” These two songs are among the well-known rain songs of the good generation.

rain in Saudi Arabia

He explained that many Saudi artists highlighted “rain” in their songs, as the artist Khaled Abdul Rahman sang in rain in “Bejo Hail Mater”, “Hatana Al-Ghaim” and “Your Voice is Rain”, and recently he released the single “Sabahk Cloud” and other songs, as the artist sang. Abdul Majeed Abdullah in the rain in the song “What did the sound of rain teach you how to make you cry”, in addition to the singing of Rashid Al Majid, Abdullah Rashad, Abadi Al Jawhar and others in the atmosphere of rain.

Rain waves continue

This comes after the waves of rain that many cities in Saudi Arabia witnessed during the current week, as a result of which valleys and reefs were flooded.

The rainy situation continues in many regions of Saudi Arabia.

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