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The rules of the Saudi Ardha must be followed when performing it

The National Center for Saudi Arda, affiliated with the King Abdulaziz House, stressed on all popular teams that perform the Saudi Arda, and for all parties in the government and private sectors, the need to submit requests for the teams’ participation in events according to specific controls that require compliance, by submitting the application on the Dar’s website.

The general controls for participation included that the band agree to perform the performance on the occasion required by the National Center for Saudi Arda in the King Abdulaziz House, and that all participants are Saudis, and their number is not less than (25) performers, while adhering to the official dress for the performance (the dress, the ghutra, the headband, the tray or Dakla, and Al-Farmalia for the people of drums) and taking care of the general appearance, and not writing the name of the band on the clothes and instruments of the performance, and not deviating from the traditions of the performance with its elements and pillars, and respecting the traditions of the performance. It is forbidden to perform it in a way that is outside the origins of the ritual and in an inappropriate way, and it is also forbidden to deviate from performing the ritual in its traditions in any way. Whether in the guest posts or in the performance and its elements, it is also forbidden to perform the performance in inappropriate places.

The center also set regulations for the flag (bayrak), mihrab, poems, drums, and other instruments.

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