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Saudi Arabia.. Recovering people who drowned in rainwater pools

Despite warnings and calls from the Saudi Civil Defense to stay away from pools of water and valleys during rain, some have tolerated these alerts and warnings, at a time when civil defense teams in Saudi Arabia have rescued people who drowned in swamps and rainwater sites.

Civil Defense

And the Saudi Civil Defense stated, through its Twitter account, that the civil defense teams in Asir recovered the body of a person who drowned in a water swamp in Wadi Dhahban, while the civil defense in Madinah recovered a person who drowned in a pool of rainwater.

He explained that Madani Al-Qassim rescued two people who were trapped in a torrent in one of the valleys, pointing out that they are in good health. Not bypassing the streams of torrential rains, and making sure not to let children play around the areas where water and torrents gather.

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