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The “citizen’s account” in Saudi Arabia deposits 3.6 billion riyals for the beneficiaries for the month of January

Today, Tuesday, the Citizen Account Program in Saudi Arabia deposited a January subsidy allowance of 3.6 billion riyals for beneficiaries whose requests have been completed and who meet eligibility criteria in the 62nd batch, after the royal directive that includes the continuation of additional support for beneficiaries for three months until the March 2023 batch.

The program stated in a statement that the support comes with the aim of empowering the beneficiaries and protecting them from the repercussions resulting from the global price hikes. Accordingly, the full entitlement to the main beneficiary will be 720 riyals instead of 417 riyals.

The Director General of the Citizen Account Program, Walid Al-Asmari, said that registration is still valid for everyone who wishes to register and obtain program support, via the link.

The Director General of the program stated that the number of beneficiaries who met the eligibility criteria in the sixty-second batch amounted to 11.1 million beneficiaries, and he continued, bringing the total that the program has paid to the beneficiaries since its inception to more than 145 billion riyals.

He explained that 76% of the total beneficiaries received support in this batch, as the average support for one family amounted to 1,848 riyals, while the number of heads of families reached 2.1 million heads of families, while the number of dependents reached more than 8.5 million followers, and the number of independents who met the eligibility criteria reached more than From 487 thousand beneficiaries.

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