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Britain strengthens cooperation in the field of important minerals with Saudi Arabia

The British government said today, Wednesday, that it has agreed to strengthen its cooperation with Saudi Arabia to diversify the sources of important minerals.

The British Ministry of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said that the partnership may see Saudi investment in the financing of manufacturing and mining industries in the United Kingdom, and new opportunities for British mining companies to carry out activities in the Kingdom.

The British government stated that it was also important to “ensure that the UK’s critical mineral supply chains are not overly dependent on a single country, with supplies currently dominated by China”.

The Saudi Minister of Energy, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, said today, Wednesday, that the recent discoveries showed a diversified portfolio of uranium in the Kingdom. Pointing out that there are various geological sites inside the Kingdom rich in uranium, including Jabal Saeed and Medina.

Saudi Arabia’s tendency to produce uranium comes as part of its goals to provide clean energy locally and regionally.

Speaking during the mining conference held in Riyadh, the minister added that the Kingdom seeks to manufacture nuclear fuel for domestic use and export.

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