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“By God, enough.” An admirable video of a traffic man who stops a traffic man in Riyadh

A video circulated by the communication sites, in which a traffic man appeared forcing a violator of the regulations in a street in Riyadh to stop by force, impressed the Saudis, praising the performance of the security man in this dangerous situation.

In the clip, a passing car appeared standing in front of the path of a “Shass” vehicle, whose owner swerved and reversed traffic, endangering the lives of others, while the person filming the video said, “God stop the traffic,” referring to the magnanimity of the policeman.

The pioneers of social networking also called for honoring the traffic man for his courage, confronting the incompetent and forcing him to stop.

They also called for the imposition of a strict penalty on this type of violators in the streets, because their threat to lives and public and private property due to drifting.

For its part, the Riyadh Traffic Department revealed the seizure of a vehicle whose driver appeared in visual content committing traffic violations, including (drifting – excessive speed – not stopping for a security man), exposing the safety of others to danger, and he is being seized and referred to the competent authority.

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