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Rababa player captures the hearts of the Saudis.. What did he say?

“Salute, O Obaid.” With this motivational phrase, the Saudi Minister of Culture, Prince Badr Al Farhan, announced the support of the rebab player Obaid Ayesh Al-Rashidi, who appeared in a popular video playing Imru’ al-Qais’s commentary, “Qafa Nabek” on the rebab during the activities of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival 7.

While Al-Rashidi drew the attention of the pioneers of social networking sites for the beauty of his playing and singing, as the profession of the Rababa singer is considered one of the oldest Arab heritage professions that is popular with the public.

In statements to, Al-Rashidi said that he learned to play the rebab 30 years ago as a hobby and practice, due to his love for the strings on the rebab that he takes from the tail of the horse, and makes it himself, adding that he plays the rebab and sings Arabic mu’allaqat, including the “Qafa Nabek” hanging. Imru’ al-Qais combines the melody of the drawn and the hybrid, and presents many popular songs.

high demand

He also added that there is a great demand to hear the Rababa melody inside and outside Saudi Arabia, pointing out that he noticed this during his travels with the Saudi folk band across the continents to the United States, South Korea, France, Beijing, Indonesia, Geneva and other countries.

He explained that the rebab is played in the desert house or on occasions, celebrations and national days, indicating that many songs and melodies are requested.

He also revealed that he had previously sung to the Arab artist, Nashwa Ezz, through a hybrid, drawn, zubai and sakhiri melody, saying that “playing the rebab is widespread in the Levant, Iraq and the Arab Gulf countries as one of the ancient musical arts, whose experiences we are keen to pass on to the new generation, as its education was not limited to Young men, but there are many girls at the King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival who are trained to play the rebab.”

Rababa industry

In a related context, Al-Rashidi explained, “The rabab is shaped and made from tanned and grated deer or wolf skin, which is moistened and then wrapped on a wooden square that tends to elongate.

He also mentioned that “in cases where there is no ability to make this, the remains of “cans” or oil sheets are used, and the tendon of the rebate is a group of horse tail hair, and the tendon is fixed on the upper section of the rebate and raised from the surface of the skin with a piece of wood or bone It is in the form of a small pyramid, while the bow of Al-Rababah is made of pomegranate or bamboo sticks in the form of a curved bow, between the end of which another group of horse tail hair is pulled.

It is noteworthy that the rebab is a musical instrument with one sensitive string that is difficult to learn, and playing it has origins and rules.

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