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After the success of separating the Iraqi twins in Riyadh, he watched their father prostrating in tears

He prostrated in tears, and his tears flowed, repeating, “Praise be to God, O Lord.” This is what the father of the Iraqi Siamese twins, Ali and Omar, did after the completion of their separation operation in its fourth and most dangerous stage at King Abdullah Specialist Hospital for Children in Riyadh, and the start of the organ restoration phase.

After the Siamese twins were discharged from the operating room in two separate beds after a complex surgical journey that lasted 11 hours, the joy prevailed in the place and was evident on the face of their family members who were receiving them, accompanied by the Iraqi ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, with the participation of 27 consultants, specialists, and nursing and technical cadres, at King Abdullah Specialist Hospital for Children in King Abdulaziz Medical City of the National Guard.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah explained that the surgery was carried out in 6 stages and lasted 11 hours, and indicated that the twins underwent skin extension devices implantation by the plastic surgery team to help cover the surgical site after separation.

It is noteworthy that this operation is the fifth case of separating Siamese twins from Iraq in Saudi Arabia, and is the 54th case within the Saudi program for separating conjoined twins since 1990.

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