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The unique Saudi dessert.. What is Maqshoosh?

It melts at the first bite, and the food receptors absorb it, and include it in the delicious food menus. A delicious dish from the delicious Saudi table, is “Al-Maqshoush”, which the Culinary Arts Authority announced its adoption as a Saudi national dessert, in addition to adopting “Jareesh” as a Saudi national dish, as part of the Novels initiative. National dishes and regional dishes, and due to the privacy of the two dishes, their distinction and their symbolic value, were chosen by the Culinary Arts Authority to enhance their presence and introduce them regionally and internationally.

What is skimmed?

Al-Maqshoush is considered one of the dishes spread in Saudi Arabia, and it is eaten especially in the winter period during the cold weather and the rainfall, and it has become an indispensable companion in such an atmosphere, as it had a historical mention during the period of “1238-1309 AH / 1823-1891 AD”; It was described at the time as one of the popular traditional foods in central Arabia.

Al-Maqshous comes in the form of small loaves of wheat flour, to which ghee and honey are added, or molasses and sometimes sugar. It is also cooked on the iron sheet or in the oven, and is accompanied by coffee or tea.

National cuisine

The situation is also the same with groats, the food that was popularized as a popular dish, and it is attended on occasions, invitations and banquets, and it is also called the “master of dishes”, and it was mentioned in the books of Arab heritage, as in the past women used to grind wheat manually or using a mill (mill).

Al-Maqshish and Jareesh are among the Saudi national dishes that Saudis are interested in having on their tables, and the Culinary Arts Authority took into account the exact criteria of the two dishes, and included the level of the dish’s presence in heritage and culture, its local character, its economic opportunities, its exclusivity, its ease of preparation, its wide geographical spread, and its high attractiveness. local.

It is noteworthy that the Culinary Arts Authority will complete, through the “National Dishes and Regional Dishes” initiative, the study of dishes specific to each region of Saudi Arabia, in coordination with the emirates of regions and specialists, with the aim of selecting one national dish for each region that expresses its identity, heritage and culture.

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