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Video.. Waterfalls catch the eye of the “Al-Hariq” area in central Saudi Arabia

The Al-Hariq area, located between the city of Shaqra and the Sudair region, appeared in its most beautiful appearance during the seasons of the year, and in a wonderful painting that showed the nature of the famous Tuwaiq Mountains, which were overflowing with rain and flowing waterfalls, after the waves of rain that fell on Saudi Arabia recently.

Photographer Mohammed Al-Anqari monitored a number of natural scenes of the Al-Hariq area, showing the flow of torrents from the top of the Tuwaiq Mountains, southwest of Riyadh. Lots of hard access.”

He added: “For more than 10 years, I have been hoping to reach this site and take photo snapshots in it to come out with artistic and creative hopes for the site, but due to the difficulty of accessing the place and the lack of heavy rainfall, it was only available during this year, when the water appeared with this clarity and colors, and a few days ago I managed From getting this scene at the right time that found great resonance across social media.”

Al-Anqari pointed out that he loves photography and documenting the beauty of the sites he frequents, whether inside or outside Saudi Arabia. For him, photography is a documenting message of the beauty and greatness of the Creator.

Tuwaiq Mountains

The Tuwaiq mountain range is the most famous mountain highland in the center of the Arabian Peninsula, and it starts from the southern border of the Qassim region in the Zulfi governorate northwest of the Riyadh region, and ends at the northern outskirts of the Empty Quarter desert north of the Riyadh region near Wadi Al-Dawasir, and extends about 800 km, and Al-Hariq is located next to Tuwaiq mountain range, called Al-Hariq “Tuwaiq neighbor”.

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