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King Abdul Aziz refused Al-Banna’s request to establish a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia

The “Direct Question” program hosts the former Saudi Deputy Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Sudairi, to talk about political Islam movements, where did they start and when did they reach the Arab region.

Al-Sudairi told Al-Arabiya about his book “The Diagnosis of Awakening”, and that political Islam movements began in India and the first organization of the Muslim Brotherhood originated in Saudi Arabia in 1937.

Al-Sudairi added that Hassan Al-Banna was taking advantage of his going to Hajj to establish the organization in an undisclosed manner, and Al-Banna offered King Abdulaziz the idea of ​​establishing a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi Arabia, which King Abdulaziz rejected categorically.

He believes that Islamic movements penetrated the Saudi education sector in the seventies and nineties of the last century, and took advantage of these schools and universities to spread their ideas and attract students.

He stressed that Saudi Arabia has blocked the way for extremist organizations, especially in the last five years, warning that the education sector is still a major target by the “Awakening”. Middle Ages.

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