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The Saudi Heritage Authority launches the “Naqosh” festival in the historic port of Al-Aqeer

The Saudi Heritage Authority launched the “Noqosh” festival in front of the crossing of civilizations and the crossroads of cultures in the historic port of Al-Aqeer, the first economic gateway to the Arabian Peninsula, to introduce the visitor to the treasures of heritage, through a unique experience of distinguished events and activities, such as live performances of ancient commercial activities, sculpture of heritage figures, and sensory decorations. On the sand, fishing, and you will also listen to the songs of sailors and traditional arts performances.

The “Naqoush” festival also includes the Al-Aqeer Port exhibition, which introduces the visitor to the beautiful past, through a wide range of images that reflect the commercial, economic and cultural importance of the Al-Aqeer port. The visitor explores his skills in catching fish on the “fishermen’s bench” through an integrated experience by providing All necessary supplies are under the fishermen’s guidance.

from Uqair Port

And on the “Dekkat Al-Bahara”, it is possible to see performances of traditional arts with simple words and harmonious rhythm on the waves of the sea, and from them it moves to the beginnings of the renaissance and means of transportation in the past in the classic car exhibition, see the types of classic cars in their attractive colors and take the most beautiful pictures next to them, and while you pass from the “caravan station You will see camels and the way they transport commercial goods. You will learn about marine handicrafts at the hands of the most skilled craftsmen in Al-Aqeer Market.

Children will also participate in the production of sand molds engraved with sensory motifs, so that they can learn about an art from the heritage of their ancestors in an innovative and creative way, in addition to the activity of the little explorer, which enhances the love of research and discovery among children. Finally, the cultural experience is completed in the “Al-Furdah Restaurant and Al-Mina Restaurants” by tasting the most delicious seafood and traditional food in the traditional way, in popular sessions with a charming view of the beach of Al-Aqir Port.

ancient sailors

ancient sailors

The historical al-Aqeer

For more than ten centuries, the historic port of Al-Aqeer remained proud on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. Its construction dates back to the year 960 AD. It is located in Al-Ahsa Governorate, in eastern Saudi Arabia. It is considered the oldest sea port in the history of Saudi Arabia, and it was the main port of successive civilizations in Al-Ahsa until recently. .

It was called Al-Aqeer or Al-Ajeer, as the people of Al-Ahsa call it, in relation to the Ajarwa or Ajeerwa tribe that inhabited the region in the first millennium BC, as stated in historical references.

Various events

Various events

Its importance in Saudi history

The founding King Abdulaziz Al Saud paid attention to the port of Al-Aqir, as it is the economic gateway to the emerging Saudi state, and the main port in the east of the country. King Abdulaziz signs a treaty in which Britain recognizes King Abdulaziz’s rule of Al-Ahsa.

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